An Italian success story

Founded in 2021, Nextmune Italy is a recently established company, but with very deep roots anchored in Italy and Europe. Two sister companies, ICF and DRN, already well known in Italy and worldwide, are merged in this new company.

ICF was established in the province of Cremona in the mid-1980s.
It established itself by introducing the innovative technology of microencapsulation in the formulation of insecticides: this innovation allowed a slow release of the active ingredient, thus prolonging its effectiveness over time, while avoiding an aggressive impact on animal health and the environment.

Throughout its history and with the products it has introduced and patented, ICF has defined a path of evolution in veterinary knowledge that has always been ahead of its time, anticipating the solutions that the market would later ride on. It was with this pioneering spirit that ICF established itself in Italian veterinary dermatology, gaining uniform consensus among veterinarians and satisfaction among pet owners. After 35 years, the ICF name is still inextricably linked to successful products such as Otodine® or the Clorexyderm® line, which continue to be an essential reference point for veterinary therapies.

DRN was founded in 2002 with the aim of offering the Italian market the best solutions to meet the dietary and nutritional needs of pets, using high quality natural raw materials. The link with nature is already inherent in the company's name, an acronym of De Rerum Natura, of Lucretian memory.

It was the first in Europe to launch a liquid symbiotic, Enterofilus®, effective in ensuring a perfect balance of the intestinal ecosystem. Equally remarkable was the success achieved with Original Epato® plus, the first complementary food in Europe formulated to guarantee effective support of liver function in dogs and cats. SOLO® by DRN was the first true single-protein food, i.e. consisting of a single protein source, launched on the market. When food allergies or intolerances were not yet mentioned, the SOLO® line was already designed for the elimination diet.

Thanks to its excellent research team, DRN has launched several products over the years, reflecting the same care, the same attention to quality, the same spirit of innovation for which the company has always been appreciated.

Scientific research, high quality and reliability are values that ICF and DRN share. The continuous evolution of knowledge, research, constant clinical trials, combined with experience and high quality production, have enabled ICF and DRN to grow in previously unexplored directions, with the aim of offering Veterinarians cutting-edge therapeutic solutions, which do not necessarily include the use of antibiotics, for the wellbeing of companion animals. This mission became clear at the numerous international congresses in which the companies participated and was immediately supported by Veterinarians, who continue to prefer ICF and DRN products.

In Italy, Europe and the World

Now firmly established in the Italian market, ICF and DRN have consolidated their presence in Europe. First of all with the creation of Vetruus, a new company based in England, but directly controlled by ICF and DRN, to serve a foreign market of vast opportunities. In addition, through collaboration with European business partners, ICF and DRN products are now distributed in 27 countries.

With the establishment of Nextmune Italy, the development of ICF and DRN has reached a new stage: ICF and DRN remain the recognised and established brands whose skills and knowledge naturally flowed into the new company.

Nextmune Italy, in turn, is part of the Nextmune Group, a multinational company operating on a global scale, whose spirit of innovation and research, under the banner of scientific excellence and quality, is very well matched by Italian expertise. Together with the other companies that have joined the group, Nextmune Italy is able to offer more than 70 countries worldwide a wide portfolio of products and services in different areas of veterinary medicine, with particular specialisation in allergology, dermatology and specialist nutrition.
The key to our future growth will be multimodality. Thanks to this approach, we will be able to offer increasingly comprehensive products and services that act in synchrony to address the main diseases of dogs and cats from different points of view, with the aim of taking the concept of well-being to the next level.